Question Description

– The Research Proposal – asks you to bring all the skills you have practiced so far (analysis, synthesis, research, audience, and documentation) and use them to write an argument to a very specific audience. Your task is to identify a current issue in your field, and to propose a response or solution to it. A proposal is a common writing genre in many disciplines, and it can take various forms. For our purposes, this proposal will serve primarily as a preparatory research step that will help you decide how to narrow the focus of your topic, develop a research question, and collect information.

There are two parts to the assignment:

1) Writing a research question

2) Annotated Bibliography

I have attached a document named “Project III Instructions” that explains the assignment fully. It says the topic has to do something with my field. I am majoring in IT, so any issue that has to do with technology. The topic could be anything else also, I don’t think field is an requirement. I have also attached 3 complete sample of how the paper should look like. Please let me know if you need any more information.