Question Description


Youhave been asked to be the project manager for the development of an informationtechnology (IT) project. The system to be developed will allow a large companyto coordinate and maintain records of the professional development of itsemployees. The company has over 30,000 employees who are locatedin four sites: Florida, Colorado, Illinois, and Texas. The system needs toallow employees to locate and schedule professional development activities thatare relevant to their positions. Sophisticated search capabilities arerequired, and the ability to add scheduled events to the employees’ calendarsis desired. The system needs to support social networking to allow employees todetermine who is attending conferences and events. This will promote fosteringrelationships and ensure coverage of conferences that are considered of highimportance.

Once anactivity has been completed, employees will use the system to submit thedocumentation. The system should support notifications to management personnelwhenever their direct reports have submitted documentation. The system shouldalso notify employees if their deadline to complete professional-developmentrequirements is approaching and is not yet satisfied.

ProjectScope Management Plan

For thegiven scenario, create a project scope management plan that will detail how theproject scope will be defined, managed, and controlled to prevent scope creep.The plan may also include how the scope will be communicated to allstakeholders.


Afteryou have the project scope management plan developed, define the project scope.


Scopecreep is a problem with all projects. Using the given scenario, answer thefollowing questions:

  • What makes scopecreep particularly prevalent in IT projects? What specific IT projectmanagement tools can be used to control it?
  • What are somepossible factors that might cause scope creep in the given scenario?
  • How can aproject scope management plan help manage the 3 project constraintsof time, scope, and cost?
  • What is thepotential impact of changes to budgets, schedules, and deliverables ifchanges are allowed to occur after the project is approved?