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Task 1 Introduction to Project Management

Welcome to Project Management Consultants International. We currently have a client who wants to hire a team to work with their PM to develop a project plan for a new line of products that will be available on the international market. As the Project Team on this job, it is your responsibility to decide on the best product or service to develop, develop the plan, execute it, ensure quality control and monitoring, and close the project.

Project Management includes activities to initiate a project, plan the course of the project, execute it, evaluate it, and close it when completed. This requires working with a team to achieve goals to meet stakeholders requirements. Understanding this process will be key to meeting the needs of the company.

Investigate Project Management and who the Project Manager and Project team are.

                      1. Begin to work through the course Project Management Fundamentals. Work through section one.
                      2. Work through the tutorial Managing Teams.
                      3. Review the Project Management professional organization web site for more information on who project management teams are.

Investigate more about the field of project management.

  1. Read ebook, An Introduction to Project Management chapter 1. Pay particular attention to what makes a good project, constraints, and tools and techniques, and frameworks. These are introductions to project management that you will revisit in-depth during the course. However, it is important to learn about them now so you can choose a viable project with your team.

Choosing the Project

  1. Read Chapter 11 of the ebook, Planning. Focus on the four step process for project selection.
  2. What is a SWOT analysis? Use the internet to search for a company’s SWOT analysis that they could use to decide on what project or projects the company needs. Use the guidelines in the chapter to help you analyze the SWOT.

Make a mind map of the SWOT you completed on the company of choice.

Propose an idea for a project that you would like to do throughout this course. Your project ideas will be grouped by interest and teams will select one to complete.