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  1. ISOL 633 Course Paper**PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY**The Course Paper is meant to show evidence of the successfulstudent’s understanding of the materials covered throughout the course.This team-based work challenges you to apply the objectives in a waythat demonstrates your understanding of these legal principles, as wellas your writing abilities. It, alongside the Course Paper Team Informationdocument, counts for 10% of the student’s course grade. The CoursePaper is a team project. Each team must be made up of two to fivestudents. Each student shall individually submit her or his CoursePaper, though submissions will be identical to those of your teammates.The submission shall be either a Microsoft Word file or an Adobe PDFfile.The Course Paper is due no later than the end of Sunday, April 23, 2017.**INSTRUCTIONS**Your fictitious company must create a privacy policy document between three and five total pages (all pages in your file will count toward the limit). The document shall include an introductory section, such as an “Executive Summary,” a “Preamble,” or an “Introduction.”The document shall also include the policy statements. Thepolicies need to focus on governing your company and its employees. Thisis where the work comes in. Your team needs to give evidence in thepolicy section of your knowledge gained in this course. In theassignment attachment, I describe the Course Paper requirements in alittle more detail by using an acceptable format for your policydocument. That attachment is not meant to be your template.Rather, it is designed merely to reflect what a successful policydocument might look like in any given workplace. You will see in thatdocument that I simply tried to explain more about what the Course Papershould include by using a format that may help you understand how toorganize your paper, and understand what features this governancedocument should include.The Course Paper is worth 100 points. I will give up to tenpoints for the submission’s form and format. That includes itsorganization, page count and team size, and grammar and spelling. Theform and format is important because if a policy document isdisorganized, contains typographical errors, or is hard to readotherwise, employees will not respect or even use it as the guidance itis meant to be. Consider a numbering or another outline styled structureto identify policy clauses.I will give up to ten additional points for the introductory section.I will give up to 80 points for the policy statements. Questions Iwill have in mind when reviewing your policy statements include, Didthe team incorporate what we’ve learned about privacy? Can the documentbe read and understood by all levels of an organization? Are thepolicies concise, or vague and wordy? Good Luck!Course Paper Requirements and Information.docx
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