You will be on how to create staff satisfaction. Your group project focus will be on staff satisfaction as well. You should not collaborate with your group members on your individual project.

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ASSIGNMENT: You will develop a 3-7-minute micro training session on an aspect of your assignment topic that you believe is most relevant to your job. You will develop a training session guide as well as developing the actual training session. TRAINING SESSION GUIDE: To create you training session guide – answer the following four questions. 1. What is the learning objective for this session? a. These questions should be answered: i. What are the most important skills that trainees need to understand by the end of the session? ii. Why are these skills important? iii. How will you know that they have understood these correctly? Helpful hint – Know your ABCD of learning – who is your audience, what behavior is needed at the end of the session, under what conditions will this behavior or knowledge be used, and to what degree/level of knowledge or skill is needed. 2. Create an outline of the material you need to cover. List the points you need to cover and in the order you need to cover them. 3. Determine how you will present the information to your students. What will be the best approach for the material you are presenting? Some methods you can use would be: YouTube video, blog, flashcards, infographics, games, quiz, the tool you want to use is up to you. 4. How will you check to determine the key point was understood or main skill was acquired?