Question Description

Project Description

Project 1 asks you to write 1200-1400 words identifying and describing major global issues through application of information literacy principles for research, evaluation, and communication of global and cultural systems. To do this, you will find and research a public controversy.

Next, you will learn how to present an unbiased analysis of two arguments created by stakeholders with seemingly incommensurate goals about a global or cultural issue or topic. You should clearly identify both stakeholders, fairly represent their perspectives using evidence, and then find and discuss what the two stakeholders have in common. Building on this common ground, students should then propose and clearly argue for a feasible, objective compromise wherein each would be asked to make concessions that would ultimately benefit both stakeholders, provide contexts in which the compromise will work, and demonstrate that the compromise appeases both stakeholders. Project 1 is a Global Citizens Assignment.

Project Assignment

You will write an essay of 1200-1400 words based on the following requirements:

  1. analyze two stakeholders with seemingly incompatible goals regarding the same issue or topic
  2. provide background on the stakeholders (context)
  3. include a thesis that presents the point of contention between the stakeholders and explains a proposed compromise
  4. identify why these two stakeholders have not yet come to a resolution
  5. establish common ground between these two stakeholders
  6. propose one specific, concrete solution by considering
    • the stated goals and concerns of both stakeholders,
    • current or past solutions, and
    • the feasibility of your solution’s implementation
  7. defend this solution as a workable compromise
  8. incorporate at least five sources:
    • at least one primary source material from each two stakeholders being discussed (i.e., information from the stakeholder websites, etc.)
    • at least one credible, scholarly source for each stakeholder that supports the validity of the stakeholder’s position
    • at least one credible, scholarly source that supports the viability of your proposed compromise

PS: you do not have to follow the outline but you have to see the early draft. THE SUBJECT HAVE TO BE ABOUT “DACA”.

(P1 A Alzheimer’s and Dementia.pdf) is a good example for the project.