Participants are 3rd graders who prefer to watch television violence (25 males and 25 females)

The original 50 subjects were interviewed before and after 1 year follow up when they are at the age of 9 to examine if they were still or more aggressive after 1 year.

Data was collected from 50 of an original group of 100 who participated.



The materials used to conduct this study is to use two variables which are the peer-rated aggression and the preference for violent television programs.

Mother and father aggression level questionnaire

Physical & verbal aggression

Television programs: Family guy, American Dad etc.

Children’s ages 8-9 and the measure of aggression will be tested on:

Child’s overall aggression

Parental rejection of child

Parental punishment of child

Child’s IQ: Wechsler intelligence Scale for Children

Child’s hours of watching television



Parents of the participant will give an informed consent in order to be allow to cooperate in the study.

The design is conducted to understand individuals with how television violence effects each child’s actions and cognitive ability.

50 participants will be broken up into groups of 2. Group 1 & 2, the night before the experiment should not watch any television violence and anything related to violence in order to keep the mind refreshed for the study.


Procedure cont

Group 1 and 2 will be placed in 2 separate rooms.

Group 1 will sit and watch a 45 minute violent show that demonstrates the use of weapons and aggressive fighting.

Group 2 will sit and watch a 45 minute nonviolent show.

After both groups have watched the different videos, each participant from both groups will be placed in two separate rooms that have toy weapons, blocks, puzzles and inflatable doll to determine how many participants from group 1 shown acts of violence and nonviolence.


Procedure con

7 out 25 participants from group 1ued toy weapons aggressively and used verbal aggression such as yelling and cursing towards the inflatable doll.

23 out of 25 participants did not interact with any toy weapons in an aggressive way or towards the inflatable doll instead they began to play with the blocks and puzzles.

Group 1 will now watch a nonviolent show and group 2 will watch a violent show, both 45 minutes.

After group 1 watched a nonviolent show, each participant was taken into another room one by one filled with the same toys and still acted aggressively towards the inflatable dolls. (25 out of 25 childs)

After group 2 watched a violent show, each participant was taken into another room one by one filled with the same toys and this time 24 out of 25 childs did act aggressively towards the inflatable doll.

Punching, kicking, using verbal behavior



This demonstrates that children who watch television for 45 minutes or 3 hours are inhibiting the actions of violence and are likely to reenact those physical and verbal aggressive violence towards others.