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Postpartum Depression is form of depression that follows the birth of a child. This form of depression is usually thought to affect new moms, but fathers can also be affected by postpartum depression as well.

•Postpartum Depression – is a combination of hormonal changes and deep feelings of anxiety, sadness, and difficulty sleeping

  • risk for post postpartum depression
    • linked to genetic vulnerability for depression
    • previous depression episodes
    • lack of social support
    • marital/ partner discourse
    • birth of a daughter in countries where sons are a premium
  • may impact child development – infant has child development problems compared to infants of parents without Postpartum Depression
    • more likely to be irritable , problems eating and sleeping and problems forming attachments
    • as children more likely to be withdraw and displaying antisocial behaviors

In this assignment you are asked to evaluate the cause of Postpartum Depression using the Heredity Environment Correlation Theory:

  • You must explain the development of Postpartum depression using each of the 3 correlations
    • Passive genotype-environment
    • Evocative genotype-environment
    • Active genotype-environment

Feel free you use examples in your explanations and reference course material.