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1. “The Media and Public Trust”

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Hi class,

The most trustworthy source of information for me is the local news. Cable news seems to have their own agenda whereas local news is providing content on communities. Local news provides weather, traffic, information about schools, crime and community outreach. The reason I believe cable news has their own agenda is because their owners have deep pockets and are constituents in the political realm. That gives them the power to control content and put a spin on the information. There are a lot of advertisers that do market research on what viewers want to see. I found an interesting article about the biggest advertisers on cable news channels.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Please Respond to: DL

Because of the idea of “fake news” it can be hard to decide which information sources are trustworthy. Some sources are more popular than credible. Others use their political affiliation to base their reporting to influence their audience. I tend to pay attention to the information provided by unbiased new sources such as The Associated Press or the Wall Street Journal. These sources are not driven by emotional based writing. They provide facts, giving people information on who, what, when, where, why and how. They provide views from both political parties. Other sources are not so trustworthy and have specific audiences that they want to attract. I also watch CNN because they help me stay up to date with certain issues around the world. I will say that regardless of the information given to me through these outlets, I always verify the information. I tend to conduct further research on reporting to decide whether or not it aligns with my personal views. I will look on government/ education domains as well as use my local library as a resource to help me further understand the information reported