Question Description

During the semester, you will have due two written analyses of public policymaking as it is currently happening in the United States. (You will choose from the list of policy domains on the first day of class when we review the syllabus.) You may write about a current specific policy in the domain or about what is happening generally now in the policymaking process in the chosen policy domain. Papers must be submitted prior to presenting in class.

Policymaking in the News Updates are two-part:

  1. A 2-3 page paper (APA format) that is an analysis of a current (within the last 30 days) news article. The purpose of asking you to analyze a story from the last month is that I want you to be reading quality news articles throughout this course, continuously analyzing how the course relates to current events. Your write-up should link the news story to the week’s assigned policy domain and give a critical analysis (not just a summary) of the article, drawing on lessons from lecture, the readings, and class discussions. Please attach the article to your analysis. The article must come from one of the following approved sources: New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The San Diego Union-Tribune, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Newsweek Magazine, or Time Magazine. *