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Policy Model Paper

Description: In this class we will explore models ofthe policy process. You will then select the model that you think bestdescribes the policy development/path dependency of school reform asdescribed in The Death and Life of the Great American School System.I expect that your paper will be 5 to 8 pages in length will customaryformatting, i.e., double spaced, 11 or 12 point font with standardmargins. In the first third of the paper, you will describe the policymodel that you selected. In the second third, you will show theconnection between the important details in the book and the model thatyou select. In the final third, you will pick a second policy model andbriefly describe this model and tell me why you think it also mightdescribe No Child Left Behind and its consequences.

First Third: 8 Points: You will pick a policy modelfrom the four that I describe in the week four slides. You will tell mewhich model you believe best describes the progression of policy in NoChild Left Behind from the Rivitch readings. You may start at any pointin time. You will then describe in detail the theory that you selected.You may use my notes, the textbook or other independent sources. I willgrade this section based on the quality of the writing, grammar/spellingand completeness. Please do not copy and paste what I have written.

Second Third: 8 Points: You will show me how thefacts fit the model you selected. How did the issue progress in wayssuggested by the model that you chose? Here you should think about yourmodel and its features. If you picked punctuated equilibrium, you wantto discuss outside interests and iron triangles/policy monopolies. Ifyou pick advocacy coalitions, then you should talk about the coalitionsin the political subsystem. What about a policy broker? If you select the streams model, you will need to discuss the policy streams andwindows of opportunity. I will grade this section on a number ofcriteria: Were you persuasive? Do the facts fit the model that youselected? Did you clearly understand how the model worked? Were you ableto use the terms discussed in class? I will also grade this on writingquality/grammar and completeness.

Final Third: 4 points: Here you will pick a secondmodel that you think might also describe No Child Left Behind and thendescribe very briefly how the facts fit the model. I will grade thissection on the criteria for the previous two sections.

Bibliography: 4 points: Please document your sourcescorrectly and include it in your bibliography. You can choose any stylebut you must stick with the style throughout.