Question Description

Religious Studies Point/Counterpoint Papers

: We will be reading law materials—

specifically, law materials

dealing with religion

. And in each of the readings, there are

certain understandings of religion, and certain viewpoints regarding the role of religion

in our society, and certain viewpoints regarding the relationship of law and religion

that are being expressed, accepted and proposed in the court opinion

Each paper is to be exactly

1.5 pages

, single-spaced, 12-point font size, due at

Each point/counterpoint paper


include each of the following elements:

• a description of at least one

understanding or definition of religion

, or

viewpoint regarding the role of religion in American society

, or


regarding the relationship between religion and law/government

as found in

the court opinions we are studying.

• a presentation of a counterpoint that responds directly to the point you just


• your own position; are you more amenable to the point or to the counterpoint,

and why?

• 1 hitherto unanswered question that your point/counterpoint presentation raises

for you

I have attached a few cases that we have learned about in my class and from that you can come up a with view counterpoint on whatever you think makes sense most

These are some of the cases we looked at, the directions on exactly on how to do it is in the description above