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Project 4


Reports and proposals are very common in business and have to be approached in a systematic manner. Thinking first of the audience, reports and proposals must be adapted to them so that the outcome or actions desired are reached. Presenting the information in a logical manner will serve the report writer well.




Memo-Writing Skills

12-48. Message Strategies: Analytical Reports [LO-6] Assume that you will have time for only one course next term. Identify the criteria you will use to decide which of several courses to take. (This is the yardstick approach mentioned in the chapter.)


Your task: List the pros and cons of four or five courses that interest you, and use the selection criteria you identified to choose the one course that is best for you to take at this time. Write your report in printable memo format, addressing it to your academic adviser.



Email Skills

12-52. Message Strategies: Proposals [LO-7] One of the banes of apartment living is those residents who don’t care about the condition of their shared surroundings. They might leave trash all over the place, dent walls when they move furniture, spill food and beverages in common areas, destroy window screens, and otherwise degrade living conditions for everyone. Landlords obviously aren’t thrilled about this behavior, either, because it raises the costs of cleaning and maintaining the facility.


Your task: Assume you live in a fairly large apartment building some distance from campus. Write an email proposal you could send to your landlord suggesting that fostering a sense of stronger community among residents in your building might help reduce incidents of vandalism and neglect. Propose that the little-used storage area in the basement of the building be converted to a community room, complete with a simple kitchen and a large-screen television. By attending Super Bowl parties and other events there, residents could get to know one another and perhaps forge bonds that would raise the level of shared concern for their living environment. You can’t offer any proof of this in advance, of course, but share your belief that a modest investment in this room could pay off long term in lower repair and maintenance costs. Moreover, it would be an attractive feature to entice new residents.

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