PLanning A Sports Event

PLanning A Sports Event

  • Final project about a chosen sport event follow the following structure
  • Executive summary
    • Overall event definition (what is your event about)
    • Organisational structure
    • Detailed description of the event (If marathon, where it will take place, when, the route, the city, etc)
    • Market analysis (benchmarking of similar events, competitors, segmentation, etc.)
    • Overall strategy & business model
    • Marketing plan (overall marketing strategy, marketing obectives, communication plan, Social Media)
    • Sponsorship plan (how to attract sponsors, which kind of sponsors are you going to have)
    • Financial plan (sources of revenues and costs)
    • Operational plan (Gantt, volunteers plan, ticketing or subscription system, logistics)
    • Risk Matrix
    • Legacy (If applicable)
    • Conclusions & viability

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