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Week 2 Assignment Part 2

Week 2 Assignment Part 2

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In class, we reviewed different estimation techniques. One part of the team is responsible for developing the scope, the other part of the team will be responsible for developing the estimate.

What estimation technique will you use during this phase of the project? How will you determine what your estimate will be?

In this assignment, provide the following:

  1. Timeline and Milestones. These should be aligned with the section in the Scope Statement
  2. Work Breakdown Structure of the Project. Provide a graphical representation of your project as a WBS. (Completed by others, uploaded for reference.)
  3. Estimation of effort and cost. Provide a description of how you determined your estimate. Make sure that the estimate is included in your Scope Statement. Master Bathroom Pouring Concrete Frame Leveling Digging Excavation Bedrooms Living room Dining room Bathrooms Exterior walls Kitchen Parking

1.1.2 Architectural

Drawings Bathroom Bedroom 2 Bedroom 1

Master Bedroom HVAC Electrical

System Plumbing System Yard

1.2.5 Exterior

1.2 Construction

1.1 Design

1.2.6 Inspection Approval

1.2.4 Utility

1.2.3 Interior Interior walls Stairs Ceilings Floors

1.2.2 Body

1.2.1 Foundation

1.1.1 Owner’s Request for Proposal

1.1.6 Construction Permits

1.1.5 Construction Contract

1.1.4 Mechanical Drawings

1.1.3 Civil Drawings

1.0 Jonas Family’s House