Topic: Based on this week’s lectures take an inventory of door and window locks in your living area or place of work to identify areas of concern and improvement. Remember to get permission from security. 

please follow the Attached the template

At least 2 subheadings in each section.

Chapter 7 will present the use of locks in physical crime prevention. It discusses terminology; lock components in different types of locks and systems; interrelated factors in the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of different types of lock systems; and development of an effective key security system. Chapters 8 and 9 will discuss threats from inside and outside an organization, and provide countermeasures to impede unauthorized access from both insiders and outsiders.Objectives:

  1. Examine Key-operated mechanisms
  2. Apply Combination locks
  3. Understand Lock bodies and door locks
  4. Understand Attacks and Apply countermeasures
  5. Understand how to choose the right safe or vault
  6. Discuss UL-rated combination locks
  7. Identify Safe burglaries
  8. Apply Physical security and countermeasures