Personal Case Paper

  • Personal Case Paper. A one-two page paper (excluding title page and references page) in APA format Your personal case paper details a leadership experience that was significant

or challenging for you. Ideally, you should be the person confronted with the leadership

dilemma. If that is not possible, then describe a specific event in which you were directly

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affected by someone else’s leadership. This paper should reflect an understanding of the

concepts reviewed in the Student Leadership Challenge Text, particularly the five practices of

               exemplary leadership model and also include the following;

  1. A full description of what occurred including your own thoughts and feelings. It is better to give as much detail as possible. Examples of events include meeting deadlines, making tough decisions, and resolving major conflicts. Look at the leadership examples and cases in the Student Leadership Challenge Text for ideas.
  2. Provide an organizational chart with a brief description of the organization setting and your role in it. Organizational settings include clubs, teams, committees, groups, school, and work.
  3. Incorporate the following aspects; business related issues, human resource issues, organizational politics, leadership and management if applicable.
  4. Discuss whether the leadership issue was resolved and you how you felt about the resolution. Would you have approached the issue differently now knowing what you have learned from class and your readings in the Student Leadership Challenge text.
  5. Make sure you include steps you might take in the future if this type of leadership challenge occurs. Are there alternative courses of action that your text suggests? You do not have to mention names if you do not want to.