Passport Projet Paper

Passport Projet Paper

As a general rule, should there be 4 students in a group, they will need to complete a 40 page report, should there be 5 students in a group, they are expected to complete a 50 page report. While the report should be around 40 pages long in total, every student should expect to be responsible for contributing to at least 8-10 pages of the final report. A mechanism is put in place to ensure that the workload has been in fact evenly distributed and completed, barring which the final grade will be adjusted accordingly.

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o   Report Premise: A Western family (husband and wife + 2 teenage children) plan on going abroad for the first time and live and work/study there for a minimum of 4 to 5 years. In order to better prepare them to the many cultural clashes and misunderstandings that they will inevitably experience, your group has been tasked with preparing a comprehensive report that addresses some of the major issues that the family will certainly encounter in varying degrees. In the Intercultural Report make sure that you include the following points: Start by clearly indicating which student completed which section(s) of the report, the tackle the following elements:

§  1) The Culture Shock Phenomenon (Chp 4)

§   2) The Cultural Universal Systems (Chp 2)