Paper And Presentation

Paper And Presentation

Corporate Responsibility Report Analysis 

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This is an individual project, not a group project.

The purpose of the assignment is to familiarize you with published corporate responsibility statements and provide you with an opportunity to assess their veracity and usefulness. Select a company that is classified in the bottom Fortune 100 and that publishes some type of sustainability/responsibility/citizenship report. You are asked to analyze a company’s responsibility/sustainability profile drawing on the material covered in the course.


Word document (4-5 double spaced, typed pages, 12 point font, 1 inch margins-two sided printing is preferred – please number the pages) and a 5-10 minute power point presentation.


Your analysis/paper should address the following:

· The organization’s history, mission and vision statements.

· The organization’s stated values, principles, etc.

· The stated corporate responsibility positions/programs/etc. with respect the social, environmental, and economic dimensions.

· The strategy and structure for implementing them.

· A critical assessment of the motivation behind, commitment to, and efficacy of the firm’s corporate responsibility.

Objectives of the project:

To provide a medium to develop and demonstrate:

· The capabilities for investigating the corporate responsibility dimensions of a business related topic.

· The capabilities to critically understand and evaluate elements of public representations of corporate responsibility.

· The capabilities for written expression.

Microsoft Corporation




Microsoft is known as a major Multinational Technology Corporation. Today, Microsoft is hitting about $165.27 a share, and is worth over $1 trillion dollars. This company originally started as “Miro-soft” and was used for microprocessors and software. Bill Gates was a student at Harvard, and Paul Allen who quit his job as a programmer started this world-wide company in 1975. This technology company started in Albuquerque New Mexico, which was the city that was home to electronics firm MITS, maker of the Altair 8800, a microcomputer.

In 1978 Microsoft reached more than $1 million, and by the following year the company made their move to their childhood location in Bellevue, Washington. Eventually the company license it’s MS-DOS operating system to International Business Machines (IBM) for its first personal computer. Other companies soon followed. By 1983, Allen was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and decided to pursue a variety of other business ventures once he was successfully treated.

In 1985, “Windows” a new operating system was announced. Within the following year, Microsoft increased their share to $21 raising to $61 million. The company then relocated to Redmond, Washington. Based on sales in the late 1980’s, Microsoft became the world’s biggest personal-computer software company. In the mid-1990’s internet usage took off and Internet Explorers was introduced. To continue, today Microsoft headquarters are still operating in the same location. This company is currently increasing and producing high quality work for people all over the world. “Microsoft is America’s most valuable company” as stated from Natasha Frost, a travel and lifestyle reporter. (Frost, 2019) The companies mission statement is “to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.” (Msa, 2020) Highlighting empowerment in the statement, which signifies the goal or the objective of the company and what the strategic tactics of the organization gain to accomplish.

Microsoft’s vision statement is “to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential” (Msa, 2020) This company complies with going all out to ignite positive changes in it’s consumers. When states “throughout the world” it’s giving an idea that Microsoft is not just a local or regional company, it targets the globe. “Reaching their full potential” is initiated to bring out the complex details of what it’s tools, devices, and software are meant to do.



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