Order 1278288: Business

Order 1278288: Business

  • Type of paperAssignment
  • SubjectManagement
  • Number of pages2
  • Format of citationAPA
  • Number of cited resources2
  • Type of serviceWriting

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Assignment Instructions


-2 page minimum

-Double spaced

-Times new Roman, 12 Font

-Title Page with page numbers

-Reference page with at least 2 references


-Read the material provided in the references


-Explain your business’s Motivation/Incentive Programs. Choose at least four motivation/incentive programs and justify them. (In-text citations are not required for this assignment, but a reference list is required).


Background of my business- Un

Underdogs United is a Florida non-profit (501) (c)(3) charity-based animal welfare organization that dedicates their services to saving dogs from overpopulated shelters and giving them a new purpose in life. Underdogs United primary focus is to rescue shelter dogs and transform them into specially trained and life changing assistance animals for a wide spectrum of different people. Private donations, fundraising/charity events, sponsorship’s, adoption fees, and non-profit funded grants currently provide operating funds. Of the dogs we rescue, not all will become fully-trained service or therapy dogs. The remaining dogs are placed into our adoption program in order to quickly find them a suitable loving home and continue making space for more rescue dogs. Our clients include adults and children with developmental disabilities, active duty military personnel and veterans, law enforcement and fire department agencies, and other adults

them a Resources you will use