Order 1226379: Management Unit 5

Order 1226379: Management Unit 5

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Environmental Issues  – 25 pts  – from Steele, Bruce, posted 10/08/2018 01:41 PM CDT, updated 10/13/2018 10:59 AM CDT

This discussion is due by 10/17/2018 11:59 PM CDT

Remember, the main post (250 words) and two scholarly

Background : The Biblical book of Genesis  is pretty clear on the fact that humans have dominion over all of the Earth. On one hand, White (1967) argues that Western biblical tradition (Judaism and Christianity) was at the root of the environmental crisis simply because of the master of the environment (God’s creation). On the other hand, an argument could be made that “to subdue the Earth” actually connects to the rest of creation (Santmire 1991). Eastern religious traditions, for instance, believe that humans are indeed part of nature as do traditional Native American Indian practices.

Discussion :  Research *, identify and discuss a human-induced environmental issue or a global scale, or a local scale. (The environmental issue is one that is caused by humans and not by nature).

I highly recommend research through   EBSCO   (Bethel Library) for scholarly and academic sources.

* Be sure to repeat sources already cited by me.

Santmire, HP (1991). The Genesis Creation Narratives Revisited: Themes for a global age. Interpretation: A Journal for Bible and Theology ,  45 (4); 366-379. Retrieved from: http://journals.sagepub.com.

White, L., Jr. (1967). The historical roots of our ecological crisis. Science, 155 (3767): 1203-1207.