Order 1150246: Auditing And Assurance Services

  • Type of paper Research Paper
  • Subject Accounting
  • Number of pages 9
  • Format of citation Harvard
  • Number of cited resources  9
  • Type of service  Writing

1. Please  read the assignment instructions, you need to state the 2 key assertions  (occurrence, accuracy, completeness, recorded, balances, existence,  right obligation, valuation and allocation.) 2. State the risk of misstatement 3. State the audit evidence, what evidence are required (ASA500, ASA520,  ASA560) 4. (KEY AUDIT MATTERS ASA701) What is ASA701?, why do we have it?,  Identify whether those key audit matters are important? Justify your  reasons, do they matter? 5. Do the disclosure as required under (ASA701), you have to do 2(two)  disclosure related to question (b) of each question.

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