• Type of paper Research Proposal
  • Subject Accounting
  • Number of pages 14
  • Format of citation Harvard
  • Number of cited resources  10
  • Type of service  Writing

writing this  assignment PLEASE YOU NEED TO READ ASSESSMENT 4, AND FOLLOW THE  STRUCTURE IN THERE. you can refer back to assessment 1 and 3  instructions and also answers when needed.  YOU NEED TO ALSO FILL THE ORAL PRESENTATION TEMPLATES TOO BY ANSWERING  THE QUESTIONS IN THERE. for literature review session you need to 6  extra plus the already 4 used in assessment 3, and all articles should  be from 2010 on-wards. I want this research to investigate if increasing  or decreasing the corporate tax good or bad for the economic of  Australia. the research approach i think should be qualitative if am not wrong and   the type of data should be secondary data  .

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