Nonprofit Analysis Paper

Nonprofit Analysis Paper

Zile Xue

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ZIle Xue

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1.Yes, it did change my mind. Before working as a volunteer in communities in school in Wichita Falls, I think volunteers are mainly engaged in basic physical tasks such as cleaning classrooms and helping teachers organize documents. In addition, I also intend to provide some courses to learn foreign languages such as Chinese. But when I actually started volunteering at Holiday Middle School, I realized that what I had thought was basically incorrect. CIS’s site coordinator in holiday middle school, Reyes told me that the general content of volunteering in middle school will be different. After school every Wednesday afternoon, she will arrange an oil painting class for interested students. In other spare time, CIS staff will provide some psychological counseling services to students in need. At the same time, the parents of these students must sign relevant documents before CIS personnel are qualified to provide psychological counseling services. In addition, I feel that the relationship between the CIS staff working in the holiday middle and the students is like a friend. They not only pay attention to the mental health of the students but also guide the students to become compassionate and caring people.


2. I have good volunteering experience at Holiday middle. The staff of CIS are very happy to welcome me, and they also introduced me to the principal of holiday. This shows that CIS respects the work of volunteers and they will patiently guide my work. As a volunteer, I not only feel that I am a member of CIS, but also one of the members of Holiday middle school.


3. I think my volunteer experience is to effectively assist CIS site coordinators in Holiday middle school to better carry out the work of helping students. For example, I will also assist the CIS staff to carry out oil painting lessons outside the school curriculum, in which I will help them prepare materials for students who need oil painting. In the psychological counseling section, I also suggest that students should report to the teacher when dealing with the relationship between classmates and deal with the conflicts among with a positive attitude.


4. The nonprofit of Communities in school can teach students how to adjust the relationship between classmates and deal with the challenges or difficulties in life. I also learned how to build a team and create a positive working environment. For example, post positive slogans and group photos in the office. These are helpful to create a positive working atmosphere among team members. In service-learning, I learned how members of the organization can help students deal with interpersonal relationships and improve learning ability. In addition, this has gradually cultivated my public awareness of serving the society and made me pay more attention to those in the society who need help.


5. Because of my service-learning project, I am paying more attention to the development of nonprofit and it also enhances my social public awareness. In addition, I also understand that non-profit organizations build healthy communities by providing key services that contribute to economic stability and mobility. In the future, I will also participate in the activities of non-profit organizations to contribute to the stability of social and economic development