Please Answer these 7 questions using the PowerPoint which is attached in bottom. Each discussion should be answered by the specific powerpoint (i.e. answering chapter 1 discussion should be used chapter 1 PowerPoint) You can use outside sources along with PowerPoint. (In total 1200 words)


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1) Chapter 1 Discussion 

In a 100 word initial post, please outline what you think the 3 most important considerations are for organizations to consider when implementing the equity method of accounting.

2) Chapter 2 Discussion 

In a 100 word initial post, please identify what you think the most difficult part of the consolidation process is for most organizations

3) Chapter 3 Discussion 

In a 200 word initial post, how would you recommend an organization to best handle events that occur subsequent to the acquisition of another entity?

4) Chapter 4 Discussion 

In a 200 word initial post, please summarize what you believe the rights of outside shareholders (non-controlling interests) should be in terms of making decisions for the firm?

5) Chapter 5 Discussion 

In a 200 word initial post, do you think that intra-entity asset entries have the potential to overstate the financial performance of the organization in the short-term?

6) Chapter 6 Discussion 

In a 200 word initial post, please identify 3 ways that using VIEs as a part of the capital structure of the firm can lead to financial mis-reporting

7) Chapter 7 Discussion 

In a 200 word post, identify how foreign currency transactions are different from transactions that are denominated the in same currency for all involved organization