Question Description

The objective of the team project is to prepare a negotiation profile of a selected country, and to provide recommendations for a U.S. international business person who will enter into a negotiation in the selected country.


You are a team of consultants that specialize in international business negotiations. A client has come to you, asking for help to prepare for an upcoming negotiation with a distributor in Country FRANCE. S/he will be flying to Country FRANCE next month to meet the distributor for the first time. Your client got the name of the distributor from the American Chamber of Commerce in Country FRANCE. Your client hopes to conclude a deal on the first visit, and to begin distributing products as soon as possible in Country FRANCE. You will provide your client with a negotiation profile of Country FRANCE, comparative analysis and recommendations for a successful negotiation given the cultural differences between the two countries. Make sure to bring in theories and frameworks discussed in class such as Brett’s distinction between Dignity, Honor and Face cultures. Issues to consider might include: integrative versus distributive cultural tendencies, importance of relationship versus task, interpersonal versus institutional trust, high-context versus low-context communication styles, monochronic versus polychronic time profiles, conflict resolution preferences, etc.

Report format

Write the report of the part of the Country Profile about 2 double space pages, including reference list, and be in APA style.

Generally, towards a technology company