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Imaginethat the CFO of your manufacturing company is seeking your help regarding a decisionto switch to an Activity Based Costing system from their traditional AbsorptionCosting system due to numerous complaints from managers about inaccurateproduct costs. He has invited you to attend the next executive managementmeeting to unpack the differences between these two costing systems so they canmake an informed decision.

Create an originalpresentation comparing these two costing methods. He has asked you to keep itbrief, professional, and easy to understand. He wants to see which costs willbe affected, but he does not want to see too many confusing numbers. Makeit interesting and easy to understand. Without the full support of topmanagement, the CFO says this new costing method will be doomed to fail.

Your presentation shouldbe recorded as though you are in the board room presenting–do not just readthe slides! Include at least one costing example for each method. Clearly stateyour recommended method in your presentation. Microsoft PowerPoint hasexcellent design templates to make a professional presentation. Yourpresentation should include either notes of what you would say in a livepresentation, or recorded narration.