• Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 4 in your course textbook.
  • Imagine that you are a resident of Ashfordton, a community whose characteristics are described below. You have come together with your neighbors for a special meeting to devise a management plan for helping the community become more resilient and sustainable in terms of its food production by 2050. A community that is resilient is able to recover quickly from events like drought or storms. By increasing its own food production, Ashfordton can also reduce its food miles—the distance that imported food must travel. By making its food production more sustainable, Ashfordton can help ensure that its residents’ food needs are supplied for generations to come, without placing undue harm on the local environment in the process.
  • Fortunately, you have all attended the meeting with the knowledge that you have gained from your readings in this course. Now it is time to put your thinking cap on and get to work! Your ideas should consist of one or more of the following elements (some suggestions may apply to both categories):
  • Food resiliency measures (e.g., building vertical farms in the city center to ensure that urban residents can have access to fresh, organically grown produce).
  • Food sustainability measures (e.g., phasing out use of organic pesticides in favor of companion planting and other organic methods).
  •  Post at least two separate and entirely original ideas.
  •  Post at least six different pros and six different cons should be in complete sentence.
  • Overview of the city:
  •  Population: 32,434h
    Population Growth: +4.7%
    Elevation: 56 ft. above sea level

    Avg. Low Temp (Jan.): 25 F
    Avg. High Temp (July): 64F

    Annual Rainfall: 71 in.
    Annual Snowfall: 80 in.
    Sunny Days Per Year: 86

    Drinking Water Source: groundwater and river

    Urban Area: 14 sq. mi.
    Main Power Source:natural gas

    Average Commute:15.6 minutes

    % Taking Mass Transit: 5.3%

    Top Occupations:
    public administration (23.8%)
    health care (12.3%)

  • educational services (8.1%)
    retail trade (8.7%)

    The community of Ashfordton is located at the base of a mountain, on a secluded
    ocean inlet, surrounded by rugged, forested land covered with spruce and fir
    trees. The only access to the city is by ferry or plane; no roads connect it to other
    communities in the region. Winters are wet, mild, and long, with limited sunlight
    due to its location so far north. The city serves as the capital for the state of New
    Grammarly. The city is renowned for its scenic beauty; tall mountains capped by
    glaciers can be seen from the downtown. Tourism is a significant source of
    revenue. Fishing is still important to the community, although it is an occupation
    for only a very small fraction of the city’s residents.

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