Need Business Plan Very Unique

Need Business Plan Very Unique

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1. Start with a hook to attract the attention of your audience, through which you give a brief and sexy introduction about your business. I recommend you to use the value proposition statement that is a very concentrated presentation of your business objective (please find attached an example)

2. Follow with the Customer Profile (1. Customer Jobs, 2. Pains, 3. Gains) and then pursue with the value proposition map (1. Product and experience, 2. Pain relievers, 3. Gains creator).

3. Finish with a short conclusion.

Entrepreneurship BUSI 641 Customer Profile Example: Video Streaming Platform

Osterwalder, A., Pigneur, Y., Bernarda, G., Smith, A., Papadakos, T. (2014). Value Propo-sition Design: How to Create Products and Services Customers Want. Wiley Edition

– Choose Video Streaming Platform

– Choose the movie – Watch the trailer – Find the movie – Watch the movie – Have a break when necessary – Spend time with friends/family – Eat snacks – Leave a review – Discuss movie with colleagues/

friends – Get new knowledge (for

example, if it’s documentary) – Get new emotions

– Too many movies (hard to choose)

– Too few movies (nothing to choose from)

– Wrong or no genres – Low streaming speed – No captions – No translations – Not transmitted to another

device – One device at a time

– Watch the trailer before – Language choice – Subtitles choice – Rating availability – Recommendations based on

the history – Search by cast – Ability to download and watch

when offline – Low price