Need 6 Powerpoint Plus A Bonus One At The End Group Project. Servant Leadership

Need 6 Powerpoint Plus A Bonus One At The End Group Project. Servant Leadership

Please see attachment for instructions 5-6 powerpoint slides only! Plus the bonus so 7.

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***All of this is apart of one project. I only need 5-6 slides answering all 6 question including the 3 at the bottom “the why, summary, and description.***

This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment.

The instructor will place students into groups. Each member of the CLC group will personally choose and interview one leader. You may not interview a family member. Examples of leaders include, but are not limited to, former or current managers or supervisors, educational leaders, civic/business leaders, and religious leaders. This interview can take place over the phone, through e-mail, or in person.


To ensure that the interviews yield comparable results, the CLC group must prepare a list of questions to ask the chosen leaders (interviewees). As a team, answer questions from the following list:



1. What are the most important qualities an effective leader should have?

2. What is the importance of trust in leadership?

3. In what areas would you like to improve your leadership?

4. How do your employees react to your leadership?

5. How do you ensure those who are not satisfied with their job duties are being successful in their jobs as well?

6. How was servant leadership effective in how you manage your life outside of work?



After conducting the interview, each CLC member will individually create a leadership profile of the chosen leader in a PowerPoint presentation (5-6 slides). Be sure to include the following in your individual leadership profile:

We will create an individual profile on our leader of choice and include the following (about 6 slides)

1. A slide that introduces your chosen leader, including justification for choosing the particular leader.

2. A summary of the answers to the interview questions.

3. A description of the leadership model with which the leader seems most closely aligned.


***Bonus question**

1. A summary that describes any characteristics of servant leadership displayed by any of the leaders.

This is not a part of my PowerPoint but will be a slide at the end of the group project.