Goal for the course:

  • To gain a deeper understanding of the models and theories of psychopathology
  • To be able to apply these concepts to case conceptualizations in diagnosis, conceptualization, and treatment plans
  • Understand and conceptualize the causes of these disorders
  • Identify and integrate existing research to analyze issues pertaining to different disorders
  • Implement a range of counseling techniques in an ethical manner that is sensitive to client diversity
  • Use supervision effectively
  • Conduct a case presentation.
  • Reflect on our personal developmental trajectory, and its relation to our interest in the helping role.
  • Acquire a deeper understanding of our own interpersonal strengths and challenges, and their implications for assuming a helping role.
  • Listen to and support the helping role challenges and achievements of your peers in the seminar, share your own with them, and learn about the power of peer supervision.

Required text:

Kottler, J. (2017). On Being a Therapist. Oxford: Oxford University Press. -This is for spring semester