Question 1

What was the underlying assumption of Karl Marx as it related to determining one’s position on the social class ladder?

A. Social class was solely based on one’s relationship to the means of production.

B. Social class was based on one’s position in the Communist party.

C. Social class was determined by one’s ties to the ruling class.

D. Social class was determined by one’s level of education.


Question 2

Erik Wright used the term __________ to describe the condition when a person simultaneously occupies more than one class at the same time.

A. status inconsistency

B. contradictory class locations

C. class inconsistency

D. class ambiguity


Question 3

Based on the model of Kahl and Gilbert, the __________ class is most shaped by education.

A. capitalist

B. upper middle

C. lower middle

D. working


Question 4

Meredith is confined to a “medicinal straitjacket.” In view of this, what can be surmised about Meredith’s situation?

A. Meredith is a mentally disturbed upper class patient undergoing psychotherapy.

B. Meredith qualifies as being in poverty and is receiving tranquilizers for a diagnosed mental illness.

C. Meredith is a middle-class mental patient in seclusion receiving needed rest and relaxation.

D. Meredith has overdosed on tranquilizing drugs and is now undergoing detoxification.


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