MGT-411-Case-4- ABQ Ride

MGT-411-Case-4- ABQ Ride

Review the following concerning transit bus safety:  ABQ Ride employee: ‘I wouldn’t allow my family to ride a bus.’ See if you can find other information related to this situation specifically or to transit safety in general.

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Consider the role of OSHA.  What, if anything, should/could OSHA be doing about this situation?

If you were the director of safety for ABQ Ride, what would you do?  What policies and procedures would you want to be implemented? Why? At what cost to ABQ Ride?

Write a 3- to 4-page blog discussing your views and what you have found from other sources related to workplace safety and/or public safety.  Substantiate your claims.  Be sure to bring in at least two sources and provide citations. Citing sources of information in the text as well as in the reference list at the end of your assignment is required.  Citation and reference style instructions are available at   Also see Trident University’s Student Guide to Writing a High-Quality Academic Paper

ABQ Ride employee: ‘I wouldn’t allow my family to ride a bus’

Caleb James

January 26, 2017 08:32 AM

Threats, weapons and fights.

A violent work environment is one of the shocking stories from a whistleblower who works on

board Albuquerque city buses. After ABQ Ride’s director told KOB he was surprised to hear

about a stabbing on one of his buses last weekend, an employee spoke out.

The current employee who asked not to be identified said everyone from drivers to security

guards have begged ABQ Ride’s leadership to do something about the violence for years, to no


“Swords have been pulled. Bats have been pulled. Pipes have pulled. Guns have been pulled, and

it’s just a matter of time” before someone is seriously injured, the employee said.

“I wouldn’t allow my family to ride a bus,” the employee added.

The employee contacted KOB after seeing a story about a Saturday stabbing aboard a city bus. It

left a man critically injured, but ABQ Ride director Bruce Rizzieri Monday said it is safe to city


“I was very surprised someone got stabbed on the bus,” Rizzieri said. “Again, it’s surprising

cause it really doesn’t happen.”

It was that comment the employee called most troubling, saying concerns about constant assaults

on employees have been reported to the administration over and over.

“I wouldn’t doubt if it’s not daily,” the employee said.

Rizzieri said there are cameras on buses for added security, but the department will not release

video from Saturday’s stabbing until APD finishes its investigation. He also said 20 security

guards patrol bus routes around the city.

“How are you confident saying that, that you have 20 security officers?” the employee told KOB.

“For the entire city of Albuquerque?”

The employee said security is vastly short-staffed and violent passengers often know they’re

unevenly matched.

“They’ll run a shift with three officers for the entire city of Albuquerque,” the employee said.

“They call us out for people with guns on the bus. We’re not even equipped or qualified to even

deal with that situation.”

They are threats that could turn deadly at any moment, the employee said.



“It’s to the point where sometimes you wonder if you’re going to make it to work, or if you’re

going to call your loved ones from a hospital or your coworker’s going to call your loved ones

from a hospital depending on how bad you are,” the employee said.

Albuquerque city spokeswoman Rhiannon Samuel didn’t respond to a request to interview

Rizzieri about the claims made by the employee. Samuel did respond via text message. She said,

in part, ” … when (Rizzieri) said these incidents are rare he was not responding to overall violent

incidents on the bus but rather ones like the one that we saw over the weekend where there was a


“He also explained to me that the director and supervisors have been working with drivers over

the last three years on their safety concerns.”

Samuel added those talks have resulted in safety improvements, including sliding glass


Source: James, C. (2017). ABQ Ride employee: ‘I wouldn’t allow my family to ride the bus”. KOB 4. Retrieved




  • ABQ Ride employee: ‘I wouldn’t allow my family to ride a bus’