MGMT 350-Final Written Self-Reflection Report

MGMT 350-Final Written Self-Reflection Report

Final Written Self-Reflection Report 

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You’ll post to Blackboard an approximately 500-word, single-spaced written  report outlining the concepts from the course which you’ve found most meaningful and describing how you anticipate incorporating these new concepts into your professional, academic or personal communications. Please submit as a single-spaced, informal informational report in an email format. This submittal will be graded considering both the content as well as the quality of the writing. I’ll  consider use of writing conventions (grammar, spelling, and sentence construction), the presentation

and organization of your ideas, compliance with the specifications of the assignment, and the  incorporation of all of the business writing best practices that we’ll discuss in this course.

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Jeffrey Harris


MGMT 350

Self-Reflection Paper

I must admit, I did not conduct any research when registering for this course and I had no clue what I would be learning. I have come away with a great deal more than I expected. The topics I found most useful so far are persuasive messages, positive and negative messages, presentations and informal reports. I have already used much of what I learned in my day-to-day activities at work. Using what I have learned has assisted me in my current position, and will help propel me further in my career.

I work as an assistant buyer for a company called iHerb. We are one of the largest online natural products retailers in the world, and we sell products to millions of customers in over 150 countries. My job duties consist mostly of maintaining inventory for five dozen or so brands. However, I am also responsible for negotiating pricing, payment terms and shipping arrangements with vendors, organizing promotional campaigns for brands, and completing a variety of projects handed to me by my superiors. This line of work requires experience with the topics listed above, and my time in this Administrative Communications class has strengthened my skills in those areas substantially.

Because of attending this course, I have become a more effective negotiator with vendors, co-workers and my superiors. When requesting additional discounts or more favorable terms, I employ useful statistics and facts to persuade vendors to provide said discounts. I have learned how to better present my promotional plans to vendors and superiors for approval. My reports are now more concise and better organized, utilizing either direct or indirect strategies depending on what I am reporting on. And I have been more aware of the tone of my emails and chats. I take care to word my emails more carefully so as not to come off sounding rude or aggressive.

Using the skills I learned in this class, I have managed to extract additional discounts, or arrange rebates, from some of my larger vendors. I have put together multiple promotional calendars for brands and entire product categories in 2017, and I even managed to convince my director of the benefits of using more promotional dollars on our smaller brands. My communication with our Accounting and Receiving departments has noticeably improved since I began to more carefully word my messages to them to sound more inclusive and positive.

I know that I will be employing the skills I listed above more extensively as I strive to move up in the company I work for. I also know that the other topics covered during this course, such as business etiquette, ethics, teamwork, meetings, and constructing resumes and cover letters, will all play an important role in my career path. This has been by far one of the most useful courses I have taken in school. I owe much to this class for the improvement in my current job and the trajectory of my career, to a fully-fledged buyer and category manager beyond that.