Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan


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Students will work alone or in teams of two to develop a professional marketing plan for an actual business. You may choose the organization for which you create a marketing plan, but first email the instructor for approval of you choice before beginning work. This is to assure that you make a choice that allows you to succeed in this assignment,

Your marketing plans must conform  to the outline found under the Files tab or by clicking on Marketing Plan Outline.docx Preview the document. A sample marketing plan is also available under the Files tab and at Sample Student Marketing Plan.docx Preview the document, but please note that the sample is NOT perfect. Your responsibility is to abide by the outline provided.  Finally, Marketing Plan Rubric.docx Preview the document will help you understand the relative value of each section.

If you’d like to work with a teammate, now is the time to reach out to classmates. Even though you may not know each other offline, you can review discussion posts to help choose someone who might be a compatible work partner. Send an email. Don’t be shy!

Criteria for grading 

· Follows the marketing plan outline provided.

· All team members have contributed equally to assignment.

· Written work conforms to APA format and style and includes citations/references as appropriate (see APA resources in syllabus).

· Integrates course concepts and terminology thoroughly.

· Submitted work meets assignment requirements precisely.

· Plan is submitted no later than the posted due date.