Management Information System (MIS)

Management Information System (MIS)

MIS Assessment 5 question the answers have to be talking about hospitality

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a very important point that the answers about hospitality and you will see in the question it’s talking about hospitality

here is the questions

1. What is the difference between a IS and a MIS? Use an example in your explanation. (4)


2. List and briefly describe the main characteristics a Management Information System should have. (10 )


3. List 4 different types of Management Information Systems (2)

4. For each of the 4 different types of MIS system you have listed above, describe how it may be used in a business (4)


5. Research questions

a) Research Cloud computing and explain the benefits of Cloud computing in the Hospitality industry (10)

b) Find an article online on a recent data breech in the hospitality field. Summarise the article and include the link to the article in your Word document. Your summary should be short and concise, but not shorter than 200 words. (10)