Management Homework

Management Homework

Topic: Risk and opportunities for recruiting new team member in Human Resources Position

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Type of Paper

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Please follow the instruction. No plagiarism. APA format. At least 13 pages. At least 4 sources.


*Abstract (summary of the paper)


*Introduction – For example, what are competitors doing? What is the marketplace currently doing or headed? What happens if this isn’t addressed?


*Statement of the Research Problem – Provide a brief discussion of the specific topic that

will be investigated and addressed and why it is important.



a. Literature Review – Provide an in-depth analysis of what currently is or has been written

about this topic.

b. Data Collection – A discussion of how you went about approaching and

solving the problem or research topic. should included details on what type of survey you conducted including where you found the survey instrument and/or how you collected data, etc. Tables, charts and figures are strongly encouraged to demonstrate your


c. Analysis and Results

d. Recommendations

e. conclusion