ManagementLeadership Case Guidelines
The following Guidelines are to be helpful in analyzing the cases. The Guidelines
are not intended to be a rigid format, however, that the student just mechanically
goes through. Each question is intended to surface information that will be helpful
in analyzing and resolving the case. Each case is different, and some parts of the
Guidelines may not apply in every case. Also, the student should be attentive to
the questions for discussion at the end of each case. These questions should be
answered in any complete case analysis. The heart of any case analysis is the
set of recommendations made. The Problem and Issue Identification and
Analysis and Evaluation steps should be focused on generating and defending
the most effective set of recommendations.
Problem and Issue Identification
1. What are the central facts of the case and assumptions you are making based
on these facts?
2. What is the major overriding issue in this case? (What major question or issue
does this case address that merits its study in this course and in connection
with the chapter or material you are now covering?)
3. What subissues or related issues are present in the case that merit
consideration and discussion?
Analysis and Evaluation
4. Who are the stakeholders in the case and what are their stakes? (Create a
stakeholder map if this is helpful.) What challenges, threats, and opportunities
do these stakeholders pose?
5. What economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary responsibilities does the
company have, and what exactly is the nature and extent of the
6. If the case involves a company’s actions, evaluate what the company did or
did not do in handling the issue affecting it.
7. What recommendations do you have for this case? If a company’s strategies
or actions are involved, should the company have acted the way it did? What
actions should the company take now, and why? Be as specific as possible,
and include a discussion of alternatives you have considered but decided not
to pursue. Mention and discuss any important implementation considerations.

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