Lesson 08 Group Assignment – Team Gold

Assignment Instructions:

The Family and Medical Leave Act is one of the most important pieces of legislation that affects human resource organizations in terms of staffing, cost, and administration. Your text provides a cursory definition of the act, but it is important to have a greater understanding of the implications of this legislation. Your essay should include the following:

  • An introduction to FMLA: For example, why was it adopted, and why is it important to workers?
  • Responsibilities: For example, what responsibilities does a worker have regarding FMLA? What responsibilities does the employer have?
  • Administration: For example, how is FMLA administered by an employer? What are the challenges when an employee takes an “intermittent” leave?
  • Consequences: What happens if an employee is on leave past the FMLA protection? What happens if companies don’t apply the law correctly?
  • Conclusion: What does your team think about FMLA — is it a good law? Is it doing what it was intended to do? Why or why not?