Journal 4
Please read all the attachments in order to complete assignment. The Book:HDEV5 Human Lifespan Development by Spencer A Rathus.

Progressive Journal 4: Adolescence
Part 2: Written Portion
This is the written portion of the assignment. Please include the following in your typed paper:

1. List of Characteristics: Include the full list of characteristics in list form.

2. Respond to the following questions:

a. Choose which of Marcia’s identity statuses (discussed on pg. 242) your individual will adopt as s/he moves toward emerging adulthood. Be sure to identify a specific status and to clearly demonstrate your understanding of its characteristics in writing your response by discussing all possible factors that would influence identity Crisis/Exploration and Commitment (e.g., ethnicity, gender, SES, temperament, parental style, goodness of fit, health/safety factors, substance abuse, mental health, peers, sexual maturity, academics, graduation from HS, parenthood, etc.).

b. For this question, first choose an ultimate education level and occupation for your person. Be sure to choose an education/occupation that makes sense considering everything you have already determined about the individual.

i. List your person’s final education level.

ii. List your person’s occupation (consider the educational requirements for various occupations).

iii. Now, describe what factors you thought were most important in determining these. Be sure to include discussion of several factors, from this and previous assignments, that were helpful in determining your choices. Also, identify any factors that may seem contradictory and explain how/why you discounted them in making your choices. You MUST include and reference information from the textbook (pgs. 271-273).

Type your paper as indicated in the general instructions. You should not retype the questions in the body of your paper. Answer each question using complete sentences and paragraphs. Your answers should not reflect your opinions or personal experiences. Your score will be based on how well you support the answer you provide. Be sure to explain both how you used each of the characteristics you discuss (e.g., are they RISK or PROTECTIVE factors?) and provide support for your statements/decisions based on information from the textbook, including page numbers.