It’s Financial Calculations + 6 Slides Of PPT Max I Can Pay Is $20

It’s Financial Calculations + 6 Slides Of PPT Max I Can Pay Is $20

Computer Depot is a major computer store chain with locations across North America, Europe, and Africa. The company is preparing to report on business transactions that occurred during January.

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Download the Excel spreadsheet for Computer Depot in the module folder. The spreadsheet includes the following tabs:

1. Transactions – Details the transactions that occurred in the month of January

2. Journal – General journal for the company

3. Ledger – General ledger for relevant accounts

4. Trial Balance – Template for unadjusted and adjusted trial balances

5. IS – Income Statement template

6. SE – Statement of Stockholders’ Equity template

7. BS – Balance Sheet template

8. CF – Statement of Cash Flows template.


Part A

· Prepare journal entries for all the transactions occurring in January

· Post entries to the general ledger

· Prepare the unadjusted trial balance as of January 31st

· Prepare adjusting entries at January 31st

· Post adjusting entries to the general ledger

· Prepare the adjusted trial balance as January 31st

· Prepare and post closing entries and prepare trial balance at February 1st

· Prepare the four primary financial statements on January 31st

· Include a ratio analysis of your company and include the industry averages. Calculate at least one ratio from each category listed: Liquidity, Solvency, and Profitability, and provide an explanation on what it means to the company.

Submit a well-formatted electronic file, with your last name as the file name. For example, Lastname_PortfolioProject.xls.

Part B

In your current position as financial accounting manager, it is your turn to present the financial statements at the monthly leadership meeting.  Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (at least 6 slides but no more than seven slides) analyzing the company’s financial performance for the month of January, formatted according to the APA requirements.