Issues Faced During Adulthood


Choose a topic or issues facing adults at midlife. Discuss why this is an issue that faces the adult population in particular and the impacts it has on adult development.  Write a 3-4-page paper citing current research regarding the issue. Relate research to the theories of development we have studied. You must use at least 2 peer-reviewed journal sources (NU Library). Some relevant issues might be:

  • Marriage/ divorce
  • Changes in career
  • Issues in remarriage and stepfamilies
  • Is there a mid-life crisis?
  • Depression at midlife
  • Care-giving issues
  • Illness/health issues
  • Transitions in parenting (empty nest)


  • Length: 3-4 pages (not including cover or reference pages), formatted in APA Style
  • APA Style Cover Page
  • APA Reference Page
  • Introductory Paragraph: setting forth a clear statement of your thesis.
  • Conclusion: a concise statement that reaffirms your thesis.