Is This What Love Looks Like?

Read the following article by Jen Pollock: “Is this What Love Looks Like”


After reading this week’s text, as well as the article “Is this What Love Looks Like?” respond to the following questions:

In her article, Jen Pollock discusses views of marriage, as related to the Bible by writing, “The profound mystery is that marriage reflects a greater reality, that of the relationship between Christ and his church (Eph. 5:32). In betrothing himself to us in limitless love, God never insisted upon fairness. He gave beyond what could be repaid—and what would he now withhold (Rom. 8:32)?”

  1. Does this description resonate with you? What other scriptural or religious comparisons would you relate to marriage and love?
  2. How does information presented in the article relate to material from the text or other outside sources about marriage?
  3. Given what you have learned this week along your own experiences, what advice would you give those who were thinking of marriage?
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    • 250-300 words