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Objective: Analyze the breach causations related to cybersecurity event scenarios.

Competencies: Critical thinking, communication skills

Select one of three companies involved in a cybersecurity breach event:

1. Briefly describe the organizations and their missions (stated on their website).

2. Identify and evaluate the breach event.

3. For each organization, recommend changes to their security controls that could have better protected customers’ data.


You may need to use trade journals and newspaper stories in your reference list. However, try to avoid opinion pieces (like blogs) that may not be factual. You may state your own opinions, but these must be strengthened by scholarly references.

Prepare your paper in Word format, 12-point font, length 5-7 pages. It should be double-spaced with one-inch margins all around.

Papers must include the following: cover page, introduction, section headings, conclusions,

*Companies to choose from: Equifax Breach
Home Depot Breach
Target Breach


Analysis of breach


Clarity of changes needed to prevent breach


Quality of documented support




Writing style