In 2018 A Population Of 1 500 000 Students Took The Gmat Test The Distribution O

 In 2018, a population of 1,500,000 students took the GMAT test. The distribution of scores in the math section of the test follows a normal distribution with mean µ = 600 and standard deviation σ = 120.

a)      Calculate the Z-score for a test score of 480. Interpret it using a complete sentence.

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b)     The GRE math test is an alternate to the GMAT. The test score for the student who did GRE instead of GMAT is also normally distributed with mean µ = 20 and standard deviation σ = 6. If the score of one student who has done both GMAT and GRE test is respectively 650, and 22, in which test he has performed better?