How will you apply what you have learned to your leadership style and succession planning?

For this part, talk about leadership development. In response to two of your peers, comment respectfully on the results of their final projects. What pieces of their research could you apply to your own leadership style and succession planning? At least one citation for each response.

Student One LW:

Hi Class,


I really enjoyed this class it has given me the opportunity to see the different types of management styles that are out there. Along with being a strong leader one must also have a great team in place. A great leader can not do all the work to be successful. Showing respect, compassion, and letting employees share there ideas is just a few of the ways Indra Nooyi leads her employees. It was interesting to see how she brought her vision for PepsiCo to life even when everyone thought she was crazy that a soft drink company should have healthier snacks and beverages. Believing that companies should give back to the communities, the planet, and underdeveloped countries are just a few reasons that I believe she is a great leader. Nooyi’s beliefs that you should always continue to learn even when your at the top is another reason she is a great leader, she doesn’t believe she knows everything already. I am really glad I choose her as a leader to report about, she is an inspiration to us all.


For me I have found out after taking the Clifton Survey that my five top themes are that I am a relator, responsibility, achiever, futuristic, and input. I believe these treats are true to me, I feel that I want to mentor people to be the best for people. This class has given me a road map on the way I want to lead once I am in that position. I see that a lot of traits Nooyi has, I also have. I know I wont be a great as she is, but I know that I will have the background to get me close.


Good luck to everyone I really enjoyed reading about all of the leaders.








Student Two AO:

I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge this term and thoroughly enjoyed this journey! Based on my research I do believe I possess some positive leadership characteristics and abilities. Actually the more I learned and the more we progressed, the more I saw my professional role in a new light. Knowing now that leaders need to create passion and compassion, knowing I should show gratitude and express it to the team or individuals, or even knowing that the actual layout of an office can have an effect on productivity and company morale, really empowered me to act! I have been able to observe and analyze what my leaders are doing and how I should or shouldn’t follow their example.


Indra Nooyi was a kind, thoughtful, driven, confident, humble, and knowledgable leader who gained those abilities throughout her life. In the final paragraphs of my final milestone, I discuss how I strongly feel our lives influence our leadership abilities as much as our embedded genetics. Individuals who have had the opportunity to play organized sports learned from a young age what teamwork was like. Individuals who were brought up in homes of beautiful culture have a strong understanding of cultural differences and how to connect those bridges. Or even the individuals who had a strict upbringing know to be extra prepared and plan ahead more than likely making them very good at handleing micro-managers! Do you agree? Do you think our upbringing and the experiences we’ve had from a young age influence our leadership abilities, both good and bad?



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