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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Musculoskeletal Disorders. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

Musculoskeletal disorders may be caused by multiple factors, but most of them are work-related. Engagement in other non-work related activities such as extreme sporting could also cause MSDs. This assignment focuses specifically on highlighting work-related musculoskeletal disorders and their differential diagnosis. The task uses the review of a case study as a means to build knowledge around MSDs. The case study involves an employee, who has presented chronic, lower back pain, and it is presumed that it is work-related. The worker often does menial jobs involving the lifting of heavy boxes. Diagnosis and deliberation of such cases is essential in improving workplace environments through instituting measures that would improve ergonomics or aid in processing claims for injury. Ergonomics involves scientific studies aimed at studying people and their interaction with work-related environments (CDC, 2012). The main objective of ergonomics is to minimize injuries and stress linked to repetitive body movements, bad posture or muscle overuse. The assessment phase of ergonomics is often followed by the design phase, which seeks to develop tasks, controls, work areas, lighting and tools so as to fit the requirements of employees’ limitations and abilities (CDC, 2012). MSDs are work-related when they result from work-related activities and conditions. Work-related tasks and poor ergonomic conditions may primarily cause MSDs, contribute to their development or exacerbate MSDs. However, these are not always the only causes of MSDs (Noonan &amp. Wagner, 2010). As such, standardized diagnosis and classification is necessary in the case highlighted. The warehouse supervising, health manager should therefore, make a critical evaluation of various factors that are pertinent in determining whether the worker’s MSD is indeed work-related. Firstly, s/he should make a comprehensive evaluation of the present and past work and working conditions. The current work environment and organizational factors may be the primary cause. Factors such as perception, organization, weight, work-related behavior, experience and repetitive rhythms of the patient’s work could possibly affect the development of MSDs (Darragh, Huddleston &amp. King, 2009). The presence of identifiable risk factors at the current workplace could be a strong indicator that the MSD is perhaps work-related (Mehlum et al., 2009). However, it will be prudent to analyze the onset of the problem by objectively interviewing the worker to determine exactly when the problem begun. Temporal relations with periods of exposure prior to the onset are important in determining causal inference. Therefore, the first significant step would be the analysis of the workplace, for presence of potential risk factors and thereafter determining possible exposure times in relation to the onset of the problem (Mehlum et al., 2009). Lack of risk factors and potentially minimal or no exposure could be indicators of the MSD being non-work-related. However, this does not totally rule out the fact that the MSD could be work-related because it may be a result of past work. This is why the review of past work history and working conditions is necessary as part of the assessment (Mehlum et al., 2009).

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