Had Elected D Was Elected 10 It Is Required That He The Payment Immediately Do S

need help with 12, 13, and 2. Trying to make sure I have the correct answer

Had electedd . Was elected10 . It is required that hethe payment immediately .doSendb.SentC .Sendsd. Sended1 1 . He tried to remember that names of all the peoplenight .were there thatd .Whomb .ThatC .Whosed. Which12 . A synonym is a worda meaning similar to another word .2 .Who havenb .That haveC .Who is having[d) Having13. After having robbed the bank ,2 .The back president offered a reward for the thief .b . The thief’s wife became very nervous .C .The police searched for the thief from many weeks .The thief hid at the house of a friend .Select the word or phrase in the sentence that is not used correctly .1 ) After the policeman had ran for several miles , he finally caught up with the man whohad stolen the purse .2 ) Had ranb )Several milesC ) Whod) Up with2) The man’s heart attack scared him badly and he decided having a regular check – upfrom then on2 ) ) Havingb ) Man’sBadlyAd ) From3 ) Based on the principals of asepsis , the nurse should consider a sterile packet belowwaist level to be contaminated .

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