Graduate Psychology

Each question should be between 150 words, must be original work and must cite your work using APA style formatting.

1. Do you feel that the definition of race is socially constructed, or biologically determined? Explain your answer.

2. How does the difference between phenotype and genotype may be relevant to our discussion on the biological bases of the concept of “race”.

3. What do anthropologists have to contribute to our understanding of race as a biological construct? Can the concept or race be supported as biological?

4. Is a culture always multigenerational? In other words, are the values and traditions of a culture always passed down from generation to generation?

5. Why do you believe it is so important for us to pass down our beliefs and values?

6. What role do other institutions such as the State, Schools, and Mass Media, play in cultural transmission, if any at all?

7. What have you learned about race and its cultural influence?

8. What have you learned about generational values and or what do you not understand about generational beliefs and values?