Graduate Level Psychology Ethics Help

Must use original work not submitted to another student.  Must include detailed speaker notes and cite all in-text references using APA guidelines.

The Article :


Dailor, A. N., & Jacob, S. (2011). Ethically   challenging situations reported by school psychologists: Implications for   training. Psychology in the Schools, 48(6),   619-631.

Develop a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to brief the class on your selected article. Include the following:

  • A properly formatted title page
  • An agenda for your presentation
  • An outline of the purpose or focus of the article
  • An evaluation of the ethical issues presented in the article
  • An explanation of the conclusions drawn by the article and their implications for the clinical practice of psychology
  • An analysis of the implications of the ethical issues presented in the article to the practice of psychology
  • A properly formatted reference slide